Image Size Question


I just launched a new website using the Hope theme from BB. I’m trying to replace the main picture in the one column row (the wide one at the top of page), but none of my image sizes seem to fit in the space allotted. I have not changed any of the default settings for the image as it appears in the template.

I read this article on sizes: and I downloaded the files at the bottom of the article. But those appear to be too big as well.

Can you let me know how to find the size of the default images, so that I can replace them with new ones that accurately fit? Where is the definitive article on image sizes in BB?


Hi Rob,

The row background image is scaled to fit depending upon the other content in the row and other settings for the image (scroll/fixed, center/center top, etc.) as well as margin and padding settings.

For example, the photo in the page template you are using (Hope) is 2,000px x 1,000px ! :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to the site where you are using this? What is the desired size you want to appear?


Hey Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that when you use a template, the BB settings used to create the layout does not reflect in the Page Builder. If you want your background image to cover edge to edge of your row, you’ll have to set the scale to Fill.

Hope this helps!

Edit: This would refer to Core Templates only.


Thank you guys!

No worries! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: