Image Sizes in Tablets and Mobiles

I am posting this to clarify my understanding is correct.

When serving up websites to small devices I have typically used custom sizes tailored for that screen size. This helps load time as the original image on say a pc would take far longer to load on a smart phone. But it is time consuming to say the least.

Is my understanding correct that Beaver Builder automatically resizes larger images to be served at the appropriate size for the particular viewing device. So, for example, say I am using a 1000px wide image on a pc screen would Beaver Builder resize it to approx 300px wide for an iphone?



Hi John,

Actually, BB doesn’t serve smaller sized images, rather resizes theme appropriately. This is common practice, but nonetheless, thanks for bringing that up. Something to throw around a bit here!


Ok thanks Billy. I was hoping to save myself some work!