Images in the photo module breaking out of columns on IE & Firefox.

I have a three column row with 3 photo module images in each. There is a right margin on the columns which is reducing the display size of the images on desktop view

All looks right on Chrome, but on Firefox and IE the images are not staying in the columns. Apparently according to my client they had spacing before in IE. The only thing that seems to have happened is the last BB update.

Just to be sure no other styling was affecting it I removed all theme/plugin CSS.

It looks like the same problem is here on a live site. See the book/s here in Chrome and IE

Hi David,
Im having the same issue on Firefox do you have a fix for this problem?


Hi Daryl,

Yes someone else spotted it and I think the guys here have fixed if you download the latest version again. If not add this to your CSS file

.fl-photo-content { display: block !important; }

Hi David, thanks for getting back to me on this issue much appreciate. I ended up having to change all sizes manually which wasn’t fun lol.

Im gonna apply the fix and put them back the way they original size.

Hey Daryl and David,

We have just released that fixes this issue. Would you give it a shot and see how it works?


Hi Ben

Yep, that worked fine.



Ps Bad luck Daryl, but come to think of it - I did a bit resizing of images too, before I realized this issue. Just thought it was me.

Good to know, David! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: