Import of Beaver content is not loading in Beaver Builder

I’m trying to import content from a Beaver-powered site. I only have access to XML files.

The content is getting imported, but when loading a page created with Beaver Builder, the content shows up in a fresh template. We found this issue first mentioned here and have tried using the patched importer mentioned (including trying things such as DB resets between imports, using the wp-cli to import).

We have also tried using the bb_data_fix plugin first mentioned here.

We are using bb-theme 1.7.3 and bb-plugin

Updated bb-plugin to 2.2.6, issue persists.

If you open a ticket and attach the xml file I can examine it for you.
The usual cause for import issues are one of the following:
There maybe an extra blank line at the top of the file

You have pasted text from ms word which tends to add non ascii characters that the xml parser cannot read.