Imported Saved Row not displayed under Beaver Builder/Saved Rows (or Templates, Modules)

I use the default WordPress Import/Export tool.
Exported a saved row from 1 website.
Imported into another website.
Checked under Beaver Builder/Saved Rows (or Templates, Modules) and it’s not there.
Tried to import again
Message says “Template already exists”
Template or Saved Row is not there on Admin screen or available to be dragged to the page in edit mode.

What happened?

I’m on a local install of WP.


You already imported it, then deleted it. Its probably in your trash

Nothing in trash. Nowhere to be found. And yet when trying to import, it says template already exists. So in short, I can’t import the saved row because it already exists. And I can’t use that saved row because it’s not visible for me to drag to the page.

Something in in the db with the same slug so WP wont overwrite it during import. Might be a page, post tag category… something has the same slug.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. I had a post with the same slug. Deleted the post and now all is well. Thanks so much.

But now I’m facing another issue. My saved row AFTER import is missing almost everything. My saved row has an icon and a timeline module with texts and images. After importing I can only see the icon. The timeline is missing.

The images wont be imported. You need to re-add them. Perhaps whatever plugin provided your timeline isnt installed too

Sorry I post it too quickly. The Timeline module is not part of BB. Its a separate plugin that needs to be installed.

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