Importing Saved Templates from one site to another

Hi… I just tried to import my templates from a different site to my new site usiung the same photos…

A)It messed up my organization for my old site templates - the templates are showing up as Row Modules now in the Modules Pallet (old Site)

B) New Site - It exports everything in one Row - Everything. It does not separate the modules and It’s almost impossible to get what’s in the large row out to separate it out as modules…

I spent a good part of the evening trying to export my site and import as it is basically the same content. I had to delete everything and am starting from scratch. I love the Builder… How do you export Templates without having this problem? It says in all your material that you can import and export your own created templates… How? Help???

Thank you.


Hey Vicki,

Sorry to hear about the problem. The native WP importer is having issues handling serialized data. Can you try re-importing the templates using the patched importer below instead and see if it works for you?