Inline video not rendered in textbox

WP 3.8 introduced automatic display of youtube video by simply placing the youtube URL in the text editor. It seems the WP processing of fastline textboxs does not recognise these links. It would be great if all the standard WP functions were available in fastline text fields.

Thanks, Dean

Hi Dean,

This should be working and I figured out why it’s not, now I just need to find a solution :slight_smile:

I’ve got this on my list to fix this week.


Hey Dean,

I did some more digging on this and unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to make auto embeds work for the text editor module.

The reason is that WP is looking for media urls that are alone on their own line. When using the text editor module, HTML formatting is automatically applied when you save, which wraps the urls in


I did add the auto embed functionality to the video module, so you can use that to paste in YouTube urls without having to copy the actual embed code. The advantage of using the video module is that it is 100% responsive, no matter what service you are embedding. I hope that helps!