Inserting an Ontraport form (using Javascript)

I’m using Beaver Builder and the BB Theme. Our organization also uses Ontraport. I am attempting to insert javascript that embeds an Ontraport form into a BB page. I can get it to work but then I can’t edit the page when the script is added.

Wondering if there is an alternate way to add the script in the layout tool and call it from the HTML module where I want it to show?

I have very minimal javascript skills…

Here’s the rough code (user id blocked out with ###):
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Any suggestions? Thanks so much for considering!

Have you tried safemode?

Yep, I can get the script out and then the page is easily editable again. However, I need this script, so I’m seeking a workaround that might allow the script to run without crashing the edit function.

Oh, and I’ve made the module with the script a saved global module so that I can remove the javascript that way as needed to edit the page.

Have you already tried our subscribe module - it integrates with Ontraport?

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I just tried using the BB-Ontraport connector but it’s not registering my opt in when I look at my Ontraport account.

My BB is connected to Ontraport and the correct thank you page/URL shows when I opt in.

What could I be missing?