Is Beaver Builder for me?

I’m a freelance direct response marketing guy. I’m looking to create specific niche sites loaded with great content and calls to actions. As of right now I’m planning to utilize Genesis Framework with child themes as my main theme, and a builder.

I’ve done some research and in terms of builders I came down to 2 solutions.

  1. Beaver Builder
  2. Thrive Content Builder

I did a little testing on the customer service ethics of both companies, to see how they would respond to a question or two. Yeah, customer service to me is a big thing, and is the reason I love Amazon and even buy my toilet paper from there with Prime shipping, seriously even condoms. That company places a super customer centric approach to their business, so they end up hooking people like me for life, since I’m a sucker for it. So in this case I’m experienced enough to know that the type of pre sale customer service you get with software companies is the biggest indicator of your future relationship with that company.

Oh… and about that test, let’s just say Beaver Builder completely blew Thrive out the water. As a matter fact Thrive’s customer service was straight up rude to me.

But my dilemma is based on the fact that Thrive markets itself as a “marketing solution” with landing pages and a\b testing tools for marketers and all other types of stuff that sounds like music to my ears, and is a “lifetime update” plugin…whatever that means? Is there such thing as lifetime support in such a ever changing industry like this anyway?

So okay guys, here are my questions…If I buy Beaver Builder which I’m like 90% committed to doing so right now. Can I do what I want? I figure I can just use one of the many thousand of email opt in, and pop up plugins in the market when I get to the point that I need that right?

Also, How does Beaver Builder interact with Genesis Framework? My coding skills are basically 0 out of 10…okay I know like a tiny bit of HTML let’s make it 1 out of 10…would I need to mess around with code to get both Genesis & Beaver Builder to run well together? Also, can I install and start putting posts together with Beaver Builder Lite (free) and just upgrade to the paid version in a few weeks and not lose any content? Also…Damm I apologize for all the questions, but as Beaver Builder moves forward there will be new layouts and templates, and all sorts of other good stuff added to it, and In the event that I want to change the way a specific page looks 1 year from now on, will I lose content or will the transition be somewhat smooth?

Hey There!

Thanks for getting in touch and for your thoughtful message! :slight_smile: I am totally with you on the Amazon thing, they totally have me hooked and with Prime yearly, haha! Completely agree on customer service being uber important if not the most important aspect to a product business aside from the actual product. On to your questions!

It’s funny you mention the ‘marketing solution’ angle as we were just discussing that the other day. Our discussion involved the fact that we don’t really market BB as such and really should given our product has that capability especially with our new Subscribe module! In all honestly, we’re learning the internet product space as we go along with the help of a few marketing gurus. :slight_smile: So, in short, yes, BB does very much so have the capability to do beautiful marketing centric landing pages. I’m not sure what they offer in terms of A/B testing, but we’ve always done that with good old Google Analytics. Our updates and support term is for a single year, but we do offer 40% off on renewals if that helps there. We try to offer stellar support, implement features/functionality that our customers want and in quick fashion. :slight_smile:

OptinMonster is pretty awesome, but you may even like our subscribe module for your needs. Our mantra is to keep things simple so you may find that you need something more robust like OptinMonster, but thought it would be good to mention.

Genesis - you’d be surprised to hear a lot of our users are on a Genesis stack. We see Genesis + Dynamik + Beaver Builder all the time which is neat. There is the possibility your child theme may need some slight adjustment to work perfectly with BB, but that’s why we are here! :slight_smile: We also have several mods on Genesis that love helping in our forums so there definitely wouldn’t be a shortage of help.

You can start with the Lite if you like and your content will port right back into your BB layout once you activate a premium version. We always port content right back into the standard WordPress editor if BB is deactivated/uninstalled so nothing ever gets lost and we certainly don’t leave behind any pesky shortcodes or rogue HTML! :slight_smile:

Your last question I somewhat touched on above in terms of losing content, but I think you’ll always find Beaver Builder super easy to use and fiddle with now and in the future. I hope this helps, but definitely let us know if we can assist further. Thanks again for the note, we all enjoyed it and would love to have you a part of the Beaver Builder family in the future! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the thorough reply to my post Billy! You put a smile on my face. :slight_smile:

My pleasure, we aim to please! :slight_smile: