Is it ok if users switch from editing content in BB, to WP Backend, back to BB?

Could that cause issues?

Hi Nomad! Thanks for the WP Meta List help :slight_smile: we appreciate it.

You can toggle between the WordPress Editor and Beaver Builder and it won’t cause any issues. For example, if you wanted built a page in Beaver Builder you could toggle the WordPress editor afterwards so you could use a plugin like WordPress SEO and allow it to “see” the content. But, you’ll want to avoid editing the content in both places. This could cause some some issues. If you’re working on a live site, I would recommend duplicating the page and doing some experimenting on the duplicate version first (you can easily do this from the Tools menu in Beaver Builder.


I was afraid of that. Is there no way to lock that WP Editor when BB has been activated on it? Otherwise, I imagine this will become my new everyday service call. "I went into WP and edited like my friend/Youtube/The voices said to do, and now it’s all gone Kaboom! :slight_smile:

“the WP Meta List help” ?

Is that the translation you mean? If so it’s going very well. :slight_smile:

So, I can at minimum add something like this:

add_action( 'edit_form_after_title', 'myprefix_edit_form_after_title' );

function myprefix_edit_form_after_title() {
    echo '<h2>If you are using the Beaver Builder on this page, DO NOT EDIT TEH CONTENT HERE! :) </h2>';

But surely I could make that TinyMCE editor un-editeable?

Nomad, I saw your tweet about WP Meta List :slight_smile: That’s all I was referring to with my thanks!

By default, the WP Editor is disabled when Beaver Builder is active. You do have the option to toggle it back on by clicking the Text Editor tab. Here’s a screen shot:

True enough. I’m more concerned with users clicking on Edit Page from the Admin menu, and falling right into the Editor. And then starting to “re-layout” what looks like the broken content.

Knowing some of my clients, I just wish it were un-editeable, or have a warning alert. :slight_smile:

Ahh, okay! There’s probably a plugin or a programatic way to do this. For a quick/dirty answer, I think you could just hide that link with CSS:

#wp-admin-bar-edit {

Ah maybe!

I’ll consider that,