is it possible to do this with Builder Beaver?

i would like to add some cool effects to my pages.

is it possible to do something like these images boxes on this homepage with Builder Beaver?

or am i barking up the wrong tree?

basically im looking for a way to get ideas from other sites i like and implement them into mine…




Hey Jason,

Actually, you can do something similar with the posts module in a page. The overlays aren’t the same, but you could probably whip up some custom CSS to add color to the overlays. From there, it would run on post content so you could set up some categories and tell the posts module what content you would like to show. Hope that helps!


Hi Jason,
I just explored the site with Firebug and my suggestion is to copy their CSS and implement it on your side to play with it.

I did a similar thing on this side (made by hand) if you look at the 3 pictures in a row on the homepage. It’s a similar hover effect you’re looking for

I would go with Billy’s suggestion and try the post module.


Hey Billy…

That does help indeed to get me started. Thank you!

Is it possible to remove the dates from the overlays?

I’d Love to whip up some custom CSS to add colour to the overlays but I’m not Quite Mr Whippy yet… As CSS is still like a foreign language to me…

But I have learnt to say ‘hola and ‘bonita chica so far…

Once I have the CCS for the colour overlays I don’t even know where I would add the CSS… Any clues for me?? lol

Also sorry for the delay in responding but email notifications for this forum are still not working for me.



Hi Leo
Thank you for your response its much appreciated.
Where do I add the CSS so I can play around with it?
I can’t see the link to the 3 pictures in a row on the homepage that you mentioned?


Sorry, forgot the link obviously: Dorfladen Website. You’ll find two rows with 3 pictures side by side with a hover effect which might come close to what you want.

The best for practicing, Jason, is to watch the videos from Scott Tolinsky at LevelUpTuts. He has a Youtube Channel for Basic CSS Tutorials: LevelUpTuts CSS. He explains extremely well. He also has a lot of WordPress Tutorials in his channel.

If you put your CSS in an editor (I use Sublime Text but any other works as well) and load the custom.css file from your server you can change the css, upload it, reload the page and watch the changes. This is common practice. That can be streamlined but for the beginning it’s okay.

It’s definitely necessary to have a very good knowledge of CSS to get the most out of products like Beaver Builder. Also you should have the foundation knowledge about HTML (even if you don’t write it anymore).

Have fun,

Hey Leo,
Thank you for letting me know about sublime text and the link to Scott Tolinsky…
I’ve already started to learn CSS basics…

I found these you-videos helpful as well and he recommends sublime text too…

So I’ve joined the Sublime Clan too!!

(For some reason im unable to add the link to the video for others)

Be interesting to hear how you streamline it…

Once again I appreciate your help…

You’re always welcome, Jason. I’ve done a video some time ago which is based on TYPO3 but it shows my workflow with Sublime Text quite well. You find it here: Sublime Text Workflow Leo.

Streamline how I mean it, is to write CSS only with LESS or Sass (depends on what you like most) and let a Desktop App like CodeKit or a framework like Grunt compile and minify your custom CSS and custom JS. I use libraries like Sasslib or Bourbon, Bitters, Refills etc. to save time writing my custom CSS. Sublime Text has a lot to offer with regards to extensions. You find a lot here: Package Control


hi Leo…

i better get learning the basics first and start walking before i can run…

looks like i like sass more than Less…
also some of the refills on bourbon are fantastic…

thanks for letting me know about the libraries

best wishes to you.