Is there a way to make all rows 100% width?

Is it at all possible to make all rows 100% width and then scale them in manually by editing the margins? If you can do that, that would solve all my problems.

Hey Mohammed,

In the global settings, you can set rows to be full width by default and even zero out padding/margins. That would make it so any new rows would be automatically full width and then you could adjust them however you like from there. I actually do that trick pretty often as I prefer full width. The global settings box can be found while in the page builder editing interface via the tools button in top right corner > global settings. Hope that helps!


COOL! Thanks so much. :smiley:

I’m using the GeneratePress Theme along with BB and I have not been able to get any of the new webpages I’m building to display as “Full Width” as a matter of fact, I have set all the margins and padding to “0” hoping it would force it fill the width of the page, but it just will not.

The other thing is, GeneratePress has a Add-On called “Sections” and before I started using BB I could create sections with “Full Width” display without any problem.

I’ve also tried several different Themes including the basic WP Theme as far back as Twenty Eleven and still no “Full Width” display after both saving draft and publishing the page.

Lastly, I have even tried using the basic themes included with the BB Standard Version and even they will not display Full Width.

I also tried Billy’s suggestion above and that has not helped, so your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I’m also going to contact Tom, the author of the GeneratePress Theme to see what help he may be able to offer. Hope to hear from you soon and the sooner the better.

Thanks, by the way this is my first time using your product so I’m aware of the adjust period and learning the ins and outs of how you built this to work for me, and I also understand that I cannot assume that your plugin works in the same way as someone else’s, so please help me get on track I’m sort of way way behind on my projects and you’re my only hope right now.

Hey khinson6,

Some themes require a bit of CSS to accomplish full width with BB as they don’t allow it out of the box. Check out this article for more there. You can send along a site URL and we can have a look for you if you like?

You may need to start a new thread so we can get private login info, etc. Let us know how the above goes beforehand and we’ll cross that bridge if needed.