Is there a way to pull value from "Enter Title Here" box & use it inside page?

I would like to use the title of the page from the “Enter Title Here” box and repeat it inside the page itself. I want the title as it appears in the box with spaces and direct articles (an,the,a), not as it appears with dashes when it is sanitized into a permalink.

Is there a variable for this value so that I can create a template that calls this into the page contents’ text.

e.g. Say my title is “One of a kind gizmo” and I want to use the same term inside my text. Another page uses the the title “one of a kind thingamajig” and I want that to appear in the text in the appropriate place. Is there a variable, let’s call it “page-title” that I can insert into the template text so that every time the template or module is used, the specific “page-title” value is inserted into that space?