Issue using HTML module for Revive adserver adverts

We are using the Revive Ad Server for ad placement on our website. Their bannercodes are javascript. Are we able to use a javascript code within the BB HTML module?

If so, I am having difficulty getting it to work properly. When I copy and paste the code into the HTML module within my BB page and click save, the page saves and then only the banner image show up on the page. All other content does not show.

Hey Robert,

Would you mind sending us an example of the code - should work fine in the HTML module? This sounds like it could be a document.write issue, but send along and we can double check to see if there is something we can do there.


[Content Hidden]

Hi Billy,

Here is documentation showing the invocation tag types,

Do you have any suggestions on the tag type that we should use or that will work?

Hi Robert,

I’ve reviewed the code and it looks like the issue is that they are using document.write which is overriding the page content. You can read more about that here…

Do you know if they have another method of embedding that doesn’t use that?


Hi Justin,

In my previous reply (#26915) I provided the following link to documentation that describes all the possible invocation options:

I hope this contains sufficient information to answer your question and allow you to suggest an appropriate option from the listing.

Otherwise, can you suggest any ad server options that are known to work with BB.

Many thanks.


Hi Robert,

The iframe tag option should do the trick. Give that a shot and let us know how it goes.