Issue with Content Slider after most recent update

I updated to the latest version of Beaver Builder last night and the content sliders ( I set it so that only one shows depending on the screen size breakpoint) now don’t behave responsively right. Until yesterday I had no problem in showing one slider or the other depending on the screen size. Now, if I see the small screen version, and then enlarge the screen or flip the device to see the other version of the content slider for bigger screens is empty and shows no content and doesn’t play.
And then there is an issue the other way around, if I am seeing the medium and large version (it’s the same) then I narrow the window in, or flip a device vertically, so that it turns to the small screen version, it goes beserks and it shows a thin row of letters to the left of what seems to be the text of three slides together.

The content slider is in the front - home page of so that you can see for your selves the issue. Like I said, until yesterday I didn’t have this issue. Is only happening after I updated BB last night. Thanks in advance.