issue with google fonts & customizer

hey guys,

i recently just had a blog where i used CSS code in the customizer to completely change the look and the fonts of the posts feed on one of my pages.

i tried to do the same thing on another site i just launched, except, certain fonts aren’t being recognized in the customizer.

For example, if I try to change the font-family to “montserrat”, nothing happens, yet if it I put something like “Avenir” it works. It’s really weird… Any suggestions for what I can do to remedy this?

Hey Seth,

Can you share the URL of the site in question so we can take a look? Can you also include the code you’ve added?


[Content Hidden]

as you’ll see when you play around with the font families, only certain ones actually make a visible change to the page.

Hey Seth,

I checked your site and it seems the font Montserrat is working fine. Check the screenshot below for reference.

This is how the Font should look like.