Issue with "Posts" Module in Page Builder

Hey support! I am using the posts module in page builder and I am trying to display PAGES with the module. That’s working good. Then when I try to filter by the names of the pages, it just hides all pages regardless of what I type. For example, I have a page called “baseball”. So when I type “baseball” into the “pages” field under the “filter” section of the module, it just hides all the pages including the “baseball” page.

i figured out that if i do it according to page ID instead of page name, it works. however, some of the page ID’s are less than 3 digits long, and when trying to filter for a page that has an ID of “61”, it says it needs to be at least 3 digits…

Hey Seth,

When you type the page title on the field for the filter, try waiting for the auto-populated option and click on it instead of just typing the page title. Check the screenshot for reference.


Nice. that did it.



P.S.: This forum has unreal support.

That’s because we’re the realest! :wink: Enjoy BB! :slight_smile:


I am! It’s the best WP builder out there.

Another question on the posts module. Is there a way for me to choose how many results show up in each row? right now it seems to be defaulting to 3 per row whereas I would like it to be 4.

Hey Seth,

There’s really no way to set up the number of Posts per row. But you can set the width and spacing each Post has and it should adjust accordingly. Try playing around with the width and spacing you have so 4 can fit in.