Issue with saved rows while using beaver builder theme w/ child theme


When I go to save a row, it works. But then when I save the page, close, and reopen the page builder it seems to stop working!

I tested with the 2016 theme and the issue goes away. I tested it without the child theme and it goes away. But when I enable the child theme it stops working. Could it be related to something in the customizer? Anyway… any/all help is appreciated as this is a feature we use all the time.


Also, the child theme files shouldn’t have any changes to them… We haven’t need to make any changes yet. I also went through the customizer and toggled things on/off to try and test if there is anything related there and I can’t seem to find any problems.

hmmmmm, so I exported my customizer settings and re-imported them into the, previously working, parent them, switched themes, reimported and now its broken that one as well… which probably means its customizer related… blarg.

uhhhh my bad guys. I figured it out. Put HTML in the customizer footer layout input box and didn’t close my anchor tag… I’m awesome </sarcasm>… thank you for the sounding board!

Hi Nic,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thanks for informing us.