Issue with Scroller - Mobile Menu isn't working properly

Hello Beaver Builder Support!

I just created a VERY simple web site ( using the Tesseract theme and your plugin. It’s just a one-page site using the Scroller layout. The main navigation menu just points to anchors/ID’s on the same page.

The desktop site works great, but the mobile site is really bad once you click on the Menu button. The menu will extend out, but the problem is that it doesn’t close when you click on one of the links…and the problem may be that the links are pointing to anchors on the SAME PAGE. It’s a one-page site, what can I say? The mobile site menu links will take you to the right spot on the page, but the darn thing just won’t close so you kind of are just sitting there stuck. :frowning:

Any help you can give me would be GREAT appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi Nikki,

The site you linked above isn’t working, can you double check the URL, please?

Also, the header/menu of your site is from the Tesseract theme and therefore, the issue is with the theme not BB. I think the best course of action is to contact their support team.


Sorry about that – I typed the URL incorrectly. I will check with the Tesseract support team. Thank you!

No problem, Nikki.