Issue with Template Creation after Upgrade to Agency

Hi Robby, Justin and the rest of the team,
first of, I’m stoked to test out the new Templating System.
It seems that I have found a bug however.

After Upgrading to Agency,
I installed the Agency version of the Plugin (latest version).
On my multisite network, I enabled Admin Templates.

As suggested, I created a new Site on my Network ( from which to override the core template files.

Here’s the challenge:
I can create Templates and categories, but the Page builder ain’t working.
Instead of going into the Page Builder, it just displays “Sorry, this page doesn’t seem to exist” without any option of editing the page.

Is that simply a bug or am I doing something wronge here?

Thanks for your great work, looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Hey Mattis,

I have already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your inquiry.


Hi Ben,
are there already any updates on this? Would be needed in order to go ahead an Build my Template Library!


Hey Mattis,

Would you mind sharing temp admin access so we can take a look? We’ll need network admin access to test this in your particular Agency setup. Sorry for the delay in getting back, this request somehow slipped through the cracks!


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Hi Mattis,

The reason you were seeing that error is because WordPress’ permalink cache needed to be flushed. That can happen when you install a plugin that adds a new custom post type such as our templates. The only way to do that is to go to Settings > Permalinks and save the settings again.

Let me know if you run into anything else.


Great Justin,
thanks for solving it. I’m sure this tip will come in handy for other challenges as well.

Keep up the great work,