Javascript is turned off

When I test my BB page with javascript switched off, the content blocks where I have added some animation or parallax do not display. I was expecting that they would degrade nicely and that non js users would still be able to at least read the text.

Perhaps today the problem of having no javascript in a browser is less of an issue? Should I be concerned? Is this the way BB is supposed to work or am I missing something?

Many thanks in advance. BTW I am loving my experience of using BB so far :slight_smile:

Hey Meghan,

Welcome to the BB forums! We never really thought about that since we’re under the assumption that by now, all browsers support JS and have it on by default. If it were to be turned off though, I would assume most modern websites right now wouldn’t work as well, not only BB-powered ones. So I guess the answer to that is, no, you shouldn’t be concerned about it. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re loving BB! If you haven’t yet, you may want to read up on our roadmap blog article to see what’s in store for BB! :slight_smile: