JS code lost in the system somewhere

Try to use the Slide Anything plugin on my Beaver Builder built site. After conferring with the author of the plugin we’ve established there’s some code I put in earlier causing a conflict. I though I’d only put it in once using the Global JS feature however once I’d deleted the code from there it’s still popping up in the dev console as an issue.

The specific code relates to a slideshow I’d previously implement but have decide to axe.

Here’s my site Alto Rank. Any help in how to remove this would be much appreciated.

If you update to 2.4 ( which should be in your account ) you can easily edit global and layout JS.

You go to wp-admin -> settings -> beaver builder then click on tools and enable debug mode and two boxes will appear below for global css and js.

I’ve tried enabling debug but no boxes appear. Also I’ve deleted the JS code on Global in the editor would this be any different?