Kind of sad - Good by Beaver Builder

I think I might have to just deactivate this plugin and the theme. I am having soo many glitches I can’t move forward any longer. Here’s a list.

Changes to buttons aren’t updated.
Fullwidth work isn’t easily adjustable.
When I add new rows. Things tend to glitch out.
Rows have areas of white that shows through the back ground everytime I add a slider.
There’s really too many problems to list.
Sad thing was I was writing a blog on how good Beaver was and had joined the affiliate program. But I can’t back this problem up. And on top of that just spent the extra hundred to get the theme. I feel the plugin worked better in the x theme than the one I am using that I bought from you guys.

Despite pretty good follow up. I think I’m going to have to say good bye to beaver builder. Way too many glitches…

Hi Jeremiah,
I have been following most of your discussions here & all I can say is that I have not experienced any of the issues you have been having - so perhaps your experiences are very specific to your hosting or some other reason. So I would stick with it and wait for support to get back to look at your outstanding issues.
Regards, Dave

Same to me, Jeremiah, we use BB together with Genesis and Dynamik Website Builder since a year now on different sites and hosters and have no problems at all. Of course I had to learn the different important things like “Don’t compress JavaScript” or “Clear Cache if you work with Cache Plugin” etc. I’d say Dave is right.

Regards, Leo

Hi Jeremiah,

I am in the same boat as Dave and Leo; have been using BB since day one with *no issues. And also as with Leo, I use Genesis and DWB.

  • That said, it was curious to see your posts on the matter as I started to experience similar issues with a site I am rebuilding. The “issue” turned out to be the latest version of Chrome Vr. 44.0.2403.157 m on Windows 10. Worked absolutely fine in Opera and Firefox. I have noticed other issues with my Chrome installation since even before I upgraded to Win 10. May have to make Opera my default design browser :slight_smile:


Hey Jeremiah,

Some of the glitches you’ve listed are actually just settings you need to change, e.g., default padding and margin on rows and modules. Do you mind sharing the URL of the site in question as well as temp admin access so we can check?

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