Landing Pages

Hello, We just purchased the agency license. We are building a landing page feature that allows our clients to create multiple landing pages. The problem is that wordpress loads a theme before the page. We want the ability to allow clients to select from theme presets and create their own, and then allow them to have different themes for each page. The way we are planning on doing this is create a blank theme that is loaded for all pages, then use beaver theme builder to build custom css files that are loaded in the header of each page. We want clients to be able to choose a theme from the page builder for that landing page only. Is there a way to use beaver builder to do this? Have you by chance created a solution for this, or could you assist us in this?

Hey Vince,

Thanks for posting and your purchase! I’m not sure I quite understand your request, but it sounds like you want clients to be able to switch themes from within the Builder. Is that correct?

If so, that’s probably not something we’ll be supporting as the builder solely focus on page content and not theming, but you might consider the WordPress Customizer. The folks working on core are currently planning to release the ability to switch themes from within the Customizer in the upcoming 4.2 release. Have a look at this plugin to test that out while it’s in beta…

Let me know if that helps!