Latest posts grid images not centering.

Hi, how are you? I’m having an issue with my images not centering. I thought it wast he page margins, so I changed them, but nothing changed. I would appreciate your help, thank you.

On the grid posts.

Sorry, I fixed it. Just wanted to update you so you did not waste your time.

Hey Noor,

Glad you figured it out! Do you mind sharing what it was that caused it? :slight_smile:


The issue is because my theme is adding a margin of 10px using:

.na-article img,, .na-block img, .na-footer img{

margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px;


I just added a 0 to it, but I tried that at first and it was not working, although I do not have a cache plugin and deleted it. So not sure why.

Hey Noor,

Thanks! It was probably your browser’s cache. If you think what you’re seeing isn’t right, it’s always a good idea to do a hard refresh. Anyway, enjoy BB! :slight_smile: