licence key not saving

I keep putting in the license key and it isn’t saving.

Also, I am trying to change the header layout and it isn’t changing. This is for

I want logo on the left and a live phone number on the right. I am wondering if the header layout isn’t changing because the license key isn’t saving. It is driving me nuts.

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the header layout seems to now be working.

Hi Karen,

If you’re still having issues entering your license can you make sure that the domain hasn’t been deactivated on the Domain Manager, please?

You can find the Domain Manager via your Account page here -


It has not been deactivated and this is a problem I have been consistently having on other sites. I have to keep putting in my license key over and over until it finally takes.

Hey Karen!

Sorry to hear about that! It might be a persistent caching issue. When you experience something similar, try clearing your Browser’s cache and cookies and see if that helps.


I cleared the cache and it still will not save. Can you please look at it for me. I gave you a login.

I enter the key, over and over and over again. It says it is saved, but it isn’t and I am unable to update the plugin to the latest version. I am on safari.But I think I was having this issue with firefox as well.

This is now happening with as well. I tried both firefox and safari. I cleared my cache. I need to get this addressed and fixed asap.

Hey Karen,

I took a peek at your site’s backend and it says the subscription is active. Check the screenshot below for reference.

View post on

Are you still having the same issue? What does it say on your end? Can you share temp admin access to the other site as well so we can check?


But if you look at the plugin page, it appears as though it is asking me to buy the program.

I checked on some of the other sites and I am seeing the same thing. I
It appears that the key is in there but there is this message.
UPDATES UNAVAILABLE! Please subscribe or enter your license key below to enable automatic updates. Subscribe Now »

This seems to be a problem on ALL my sites that are using your tool.

I am wondering if the problem started when I disabled Marcus crown.

Here is what I am seeing on the plug in page of ALL my sites. see attachment.
screen shot

Hi Karen,

That just means that the plugin needs updating. Go under Update Available section and update the BB, it should work.

EDIT: Disregard my response above. Do we have your permission to try updating BB for you?


YES, you do. I did update it on one of my sites and it did not fix the problem. I am afraid I am going to have to go back to all the sites and deal with this.

Hi Karen,

I just successfully updated BB to 1.7.7 on Based on that fact I’m inclined to believe that this is indeed a caching issue. Instead of clearing your cache, try using a private browser(incognito on Chrome) and see if that helps.


What do you make of the fact that it was entered on on my old sites but is no longer there? (the key)

I opened a private window in both safari and firefox and it is still not there.

I went to another computer. same issue.

When I go to plugin settings it says “Updates & Support Subscription — Active!” but when I click on license key, nothing is there.

Also, when I look at the plugin page, it is still asking me to visit the plugin site and get the plugin

Hi Karen,

Can you provide temp admin access to one of your other sites where you’re experiencing this issue, please?