License Key gone


The Licence key has disappeared on all my sites for no reason I can tell and I am paid up until around December this year. I tried reentering my license key on one of my sites and it will not accept it. Can you help please?



Hi John,
​Unfortunately, we had a minor hosting issue earlier on this morning which caused a problem with the licensing server. This has now been resolved and you should be able to enable your license and update to 1.5 of the Beaver Builder theme.

​We apologise for any inconvenience this may caused.


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Hey John,

To answer your question, the only way to place a license is via the Settings > Page Builder > License page. But the issue we had earlier should not have deleted the license keys on your site. How did you know they were deleted though? Did you check the site’s page builder license page? Or did you just check the domain manager?


Ok Ben. I have had a look in a selection of sites. Thankfully most of them have the key. But there are a few without it and I know they did have it. This is easily solved as a few sites will take no time to sort.


Hey John,

That’s weird! I guess putting them back in works for now but definitely let us know if it comes back up again so we can check. :slight_smile: