Link Color in Home Page Content

Newbie Here,

I have a 4 column row in my Home page and when I assign a link to text in a column it does not change color.

I found the link and hover colors in the Row, changed those little “Picker Icons” to a color and bingo, got color in the l1nks.

Question 1: It appears that text links inherit their color from the Row settings. But I would think the Row Link Color is inherited from somewhere else? Where? How does this work in BB? Do I need to set each row individually?

Question 2: Are there any guidelines for various colors? Something from an experienced Sage or Web Wizard?

Bob K.

Hey Bob,

That would be coming from the theme that you’re using. Are you using the BB theme? If so, the Link color is obtained from the Accent color you set under Appearance > Customize > General > Accent color. The color settings in the row/column is for a more granular control of the colors.

Hope this helps and let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile: