Link entire callout module or column to URL


I’m wondering if it’s possible to make an entire callout module linkable to a URL page (or the entire column)? I’ve created a NEWS page and added some custom CSS to the child theme to make each callout/column change colors on hover. Right now, only the header title is linkable. I’d like to make the entire callout box/ or column linkable.

please help,
Chris V

Hey Chris,

Sorry but that currently isn’t possible. You may want to head over to the User Voice Forums and add that in as a Feature Request.


Hi Ben,

just curious if the new update to the BB plugin adds this link functionality to the entire column? Not sure what the ‘link’ update covers…

1.6.0 - 06/22/2015
Added link, hover and heading color settings to rows and columns.

Please explain, thanks.

Hi Chris,

Yes, it does sound as though it may be what you are looking for but it’s just the color settings for those items (link, link hover, heading). I just checked this on a couple local dev sites, one has the 1.5.9 version and the other, the new 1.6.0 version.


Hey Chris,

Sorry but Lyle is right. It’s only just the color settings for link elements inside the column.