Losing formatting

I am losing the formatting I’ve done on my modules randomly when a page is refreshed. Mostly it’s happening on this site: fredgrooms.com, but it happened yesterday on another site.

Here’s what happened: I have four callouts on my homepage. I edited the content and added LEARN MORE buttons at the bottom which I formatted to match the rest of the site, purple with orange letters. When I published the page, they showed up as the default formatting. So I went back into page builder and clicked into the module box, then they all turned purple. Then I published the page and they went back to default. Now I’m looking at another page and the module at the bottom that’s supposed to have a purple button is just showing as linked text, no button at all - http://fredgrooms.com/leadership-programs-speaker/b-a-s-i-c-student-leadership/

My client said the same thing was happening to him yesterday. I had it happen on this site: bcolt.flywheelsites.com, but it was after a staging to live deployment, so I thought it had something to do with that.


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Did you manage to resolve this Fran as I am having the same thing happening to me on one of my sites today?

It seems I have to clear the BB cache after almost every change.

Hey Nicola, glad to know I’m not crazy! I’ve only found that clearing the BB cache works, but the same problems still seem to keep coming back. I gotta walk away or I’m gonna go nuts!

Oh you are not crazy at all - it is definitely happening for me too and like you I am clearing the cache like a mad woman to get things to stick! Hopefully one of the awesome BB guys will jump in and give us a better solution soon though! PS. Great sites! :slight_smile:

Hi Fran & Nicola,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your options not sticking. However, I don’t believe this is an issue with Beaver Builder and you certainly shouldn’t or don’t have to clear the BB cache each time you make a change.

Would it be possible for you to provide a link to your site where this is happening. Along with your admin username/password, please?

So I logged into your site and I think it may be related to a plugin. Can you disable all plugins except for BB and see if the issue persists, please?


Hey Danny & Nicola,
It does appear that the plugin “Remove query strings from static resources” is causing the problem, although only time will tell. I know I don’t have that plugin on the other site with this problem, but I’ll go check that one for another conflict. Thanks for your help Danny and I hope that helped you too, Nicola!

That’s great you got it sorted Fran. I suspect that mine may be the result of a firewall recently put in place by One Hour Site Fix after my client’s website was hacked as all was working fine before that. I have emailed them to see what they say but will come back with my login details if I don’t get a resolve from them.

Hi Fran,

Happy to hear you may have resolved, your issue. Keep us posted if it returns.

@Nicola - I believe you may be right. However, keep us informed if the issue isn’t related to the firewall.