Making a row invisible

I’m already on record as believing that there needs to be a Display choice of “None,” allowing authors to temporarily disable a module without having to delete it. I am encountering this issue right now with our annual conference: we’ve been shouting from the rooftops for a month now how we will have Guy Kawasaki give a keynote address. It’s time to turn the volume down a bit while keeping the opportunity to announce it again in early summer.

Until I get my wish, I wonder if there is a CSS solution. Is there some code that I can apply to a row that would make it be invisible?

you could try giving the row a custom class like hide-row and then use display: none;

.hide-row {
display: none;

when you’re ready to re-announce, just comment out that class from your custom css file

Thanks for that, Rod. That should be the only way, for now, to hide a row completely, Rick. When you want to re-announce, you can just delete the class name from the row as well. That way, the class .hide-row still has the display: none; attribute and if ever you want to hide that row again, just add that class to the row!

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben,

Actually, just removing the class from the row was my original thought. But because of the applied class, the row no longer shows up in the page builder so I couldn’t remove the class!

So if one was hiding more than one row and wanted to keep some of them hidden, they’d need to comment out the rule in the css, then go to the page builder to remove the class from the row, then back to custom css to uncomment the rule.

Thank you both – this works great and I understand it. The only thing better, Ben, would be a choice of None in the Display field. That would be pretty easy to do, I’d bet…

Right on, Rod! Didn’t really think about it. You may want to add that as a feature request on our User Voice Forums, Rick, as we usually check that from time to time when implementing new features.