Many Post Slider Edit Options Not Working

I bought BB a few months ago and am trying to like it but am finding I still have to do most coding myself. I’m getting very frustrated. For instance I have a post slider module on the home page of this site (under video). I added the module and it comes with a dark gray background. In the style settings I set the text background opacity to 0 and nothing happened. I had to add custom css to get rid of the background. I set the heading size to a custom size of 36 px. No change. I tried to change the font color. No change. I set the “More” link to hide. It did not hide. I looked for options to change the font family. There is no option for that. I can do all these things in custom css (and have done some of it already) but that sort of defeats the purpose of your plugin. I am using the headway theme, but this is a very popular theme and BB needs to be able to work with it. Very frustrated.

Hi Dan,

All the options in the Post Slider should work, I’ve just tried on my end and they’re working as intended.

Therefore, is it possible for you to provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.

In regards to the typography, there are no typography settings as the theme should handle things like font-family.