Map/Video on Endless Loop


Occasionally when trying to add either video from youtube or a google maps embed code via the text editor/html function the page just goes into an endless load loop and never actually implement the code. Any ideas?


Hey Wes!

You mentioned occasionally, so this doesn’t happen all the time? There is some hosting security configuration that would stop iframes from being added through AJAX and we’re using AJAX in the Page Builder for the real time update. This might be the case but it should stop it from working all the time.

A workaround I found for this is if you’re making a new page, paste the iframe in the native WP editor then switch to Page Builder. The editor with the iframe will be ported to Page Builder in a text module.



It seems to work okay if it’s the only thing on the page (using the exact workaround suggested actually), however if a client requests we add the video later in the process it becomes quite a chore as at that point it does happen pretty much all the time.

Sorry if i wasn’t very clear, thanks!


Hey Wes!

I’m glad to hear that the workaround works but regarding resolving this, we can’t do it without the help of your hosting provider. It has something to do with their mod security settings, it’s preventing iframe from being passed through AJAX. Try getting in touch with your hosting provider and let’s hear what they have to say.


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