Margins not keeped in narrow screens


I am working in a design you can see in

user: maipac482
pass: 34OnUnwQ

Below the picture you can see a row composed by a line, below a text and below another line with a kind of house. That last line is in the correct position in desktop screens ( I had to put -28 as superior margin), but when the screen is below 768px, this margin dissapear and the line is far from the text. How can I keep the margin (or the relative margin) for narrow screens?

Thanks in advance.

More info: the lines are implemented with image element.

Hey Fernando,

We actually have a setting called Auto Spacing. What it does is, it resets the left/right padding for rows and columns and all margins for rows, columns, and modules to the values set in the global settings when it hits the mobile viewport. Can you disable this under Tools > Global Settings and see if that fixes it?


It looks ok now!! Thank you!

Awesome! Glad we could help. :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!