Media Queries removing column setting styles


I am currently just testing out your lite version of BB and I love it but I have come across some behaviour that I find unusual. When I edit a columns settings I include some margins that are currently displaying correctly when viewing the site at full width, however once I resize the browser to simulate mobile it removes all margins and left/right borders for the column, plus the padding for the row.

Is there anyway to stop BB form ignoring these settings when at the smallest breakpoint? I am currently deciding whether to buy the agency package but it would be nice to be able have this level of control and not have to override it by writing more css.

Any help would be great.


Not to worry. I found the setting hiding in the global settings panel.

Thanks Anyway.

Hey Nick,

Glad to know you’re loving it! The settings under Global Settings are the default. Just an FYI, we’ve made the margins/padding reset to default on mobile as some margins/padding don’t make sense when on mobile view as compared to when on desktop view(e.g. a padding of 100px at the top might look good on desktop but it looks weird on mobile).

I’ll be marking this as resolved now. Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile: