Message dont sent from BB contact form module



My contact page it’s not working…

When the form is submitted, show the message notification ok, but the message isn’t being delivered to the address configured in the module settings.

I’ll post the URL in private


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I use WP-Mail-SMTP plugin and when I send a test message, everything is OK


Hi Juan,

Can you provide temp admin access to your site, so we can take a look at your settings, please?



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Hi Juan,

Thanks for the details. I will be looking into this for you and as soon as I have anything, I will reply here.



Hey Juan,

I did encounter a few users having this exact same problem and resolution. And it was their hosting company that suggested it. I’m not really sure myself why that is as there was no explanation that was posted, but you should be good to go. :slight_smile:



My hosting company has answered me the following (translated from Spanish):
When send through, the application generates the following error message:

XMLHttpRequest can not load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is not allowed access.

To verify that there is a restriction on the server, we have temporarily modified the URL Wordpress to, verify that the error message not appear. However, messages sent through the form not received at the destination.

On this basis, we recommend reviewing the plugin or reinstalling it used to be the most likely origin detected anomalous behavior.

I temporarily installed the plugin “contact form to email” and it works fine, so I suspect it must be a problem of your plugin.

In addition, I remind you that happens to me exactly the same with another domain, which also has installed your plugin.



When you tried the contact form to email plugin, did you still have the SMTP plugin installed?


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