Migrated the site and now pages are blank that I used BB Builder on

Hi, I migrated a site from one host to another and now all of the pages that I used the page builder on are blank. When I go to edit the pages with the page builder, the content shows up but my layouts are stripped and do not have any of the previous styling. What is the easiest way to fix this without having to rework all of the pages?

Hi Stacey,

Sorry to hear about your issues.

Would it be possible for you to tell us how you performed your migration, please?

Also, can you provide temp admin access.


Hey I actually figured this out. I reimported the database and used the interconnectit tool for the search and replace instead of the sql query in phpmyadmin. It did the trick and it all loaded correctly.

Hi Stacey,

Great! Glad to hear you sorted it out and thanks for taking the time to inform us. We appreciate it!