Migrating from Elementor to Beaver Builder

I am migrating my half-made sites from Elementor to Beaver Builder because of more technical reasons and reputation. Beaver Builder is more developer-friendly, a GPL plugin, and have a healthy community.

I have high knowledge in CSS and HTML, so i don’t need features rich page-builder. More like vanilla users :grin:

Day 001:
I just used Beaver Builder this morning to build my website, which has quite a complex design layout. I admitted I had to rework some CSS rules on my custom Genesis Framework theme. The experience is tricky at first because there’s some CSS conflicting with bootstraps.

I also had to work with many CSS writings to suit my visual mockup. However I liked the fact, the builder is snappy and sleek, by this I meant. What I build on back-end is what I get. 100% correct, it’s also very responsive. With Elementor I had to set and customize each row. Probably because Beaver Builder using Flexbox for the column systems?

My suggestions as following:

  1. Add Justify Features.
  2. Allow Custom Width for columns or modules.

So Beaver Builder already has a solid foundation, but please do add few functions and features that is essential. ( In this case, doable by simple CSS, but no one like writing a lot of CSS. )

I will update, my experience each days :slight_smile:

There is a separate category for feature requests/ideas -> https://community.wpbeaverbuilder.com/c/feature-requests

What do you mean by custom width? Not % based or…

It should be pixel and % based, i know no one use pixel based. But in my case like for complex layout pixel is used sometimes.