Migration Issues

As a follow up on this thread…

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Maybe useful to know is that the nav menu is build dynamically: every row with an ID produces a menu item.

Hey Tibor,

Just letting you know that we’re checking this. Go ahead and provide the backupbuddy files as well. Just to verify, this file would be from before the migration(still using the original URLs from when you developed the side)? You can just upload them to Dropbox and we can take it from there.

As a summary, this site was created locally and you migrated them to 2 servers, the production and the staging. The former worked while the latter didn’t?


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Since I could not wait, I have fixed the problem with a workaround: I had saved the frontpage as a template, so I could use that to replace the messed up frontpage. I still had to adjust some of the CSS, since I had targeted certain parts with the fl-node-number, which changed upon using a new instance of the template. This was all on the production server (in the sub-directory install I ).

Then made a new backup and installed that in the root. All fixed and happy. Leaves us with the question what could have caused the issue; I have left the sub-directory-install in tact, so you can still have a look there if you wish to do so. Just let me know when I can delete it.

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