Minimizing redirects culprit within BB

Hello all,

I usually run my sites through a GT Metrix analysis to address possible site speed issues and BB is pretty solid as a tool for these purposes in general. BUT I did see this little snippet that dropped my points total a bit. Not a huge deal, but you might recognize these URLs:

Remove the following redirect chain if possible:
Remove the following redirect chain if possible:

As minor as this is, if there’s a way to improve speed scores by eliminating a couple of redirects from the plugin? Unfortunately, since these are third party, I have no direct way of addressing this issue. My report is actually really good overall, but maybe you’ve heard of this before?

It’s alright. You can tell me to quit my whining. :slight_smile:

Hey Pablo,

Just got a word from my teammate that these links and redirects will be removed in the next update. All slideshow images will now link to the plugin folder instead of our SmugMug account. Let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile: