Missing Icons

Hey guys, I’m running into an issue with a certain file loading. Kind of came up I think when we worked on the redirect issue with my site and then added the agency version of BB.

I contacted my cache support about it because I thought maybe it’s a caching issue? Here’s what she sent me.

Missing File
Links to missing files always drag down load time unnecessarily, but it should be pretty easy to fix. This file is throwing a 404:
So, you either have to make sure something exists there, or remove the link to it from your source code.

I see it’s a bb plugin upload, only I don’t even know on the page where this icon is trying to load and I don’t see it anywhere in my files.

Also…sorry that i put this in the theme stuff. Just noticed again the file name has the plugin. :confused:

Hi Andrew,

Can you provide a link to the page where this icon is, please?