Mobile load left then right side bar before main content

I would like an easy way to select the order of what sections display at the top of the page

I did get this to work using css. but another section under the advanced tab would make this much easier for the end user (client). I may have over looked/misread a part of the functionality. any info would be nice.

thank you

Hello Mike,

I’m quite confused here. When you say at the top of the page do you mean the header? Do you mean changing the order of the logo and the text on the right side?


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Hey Mike,

Sorry didn’t read the title of your post, silly me! Was gonna advise you to use bootstrap classes but it seems you already are. For now, that would be the only easy way to do it but feel free to add that as a Feature Request on our User Voice Forum though and we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:


if you look at the site i just linked to you and you reduce the page to mobile it is correct. To do so you have to add classes to the left and right side bars to push and pull content. I was suggesting to add a option under advanced options to allow ordering

ok. Sorry for the late response I had a appointment. thank you for the quick response. and thank you for Beaver builder. it is a life saver

No worries, Mike! Thanks for the kind words and have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile: