Mobile Nav Customisation


I just bought the Beaver builder pro and love the simplicity of it. Very sneak and lean code and well done!
All things are perfect, except that I want to edit have some mobile customization for the navigation.
Here is the layout I want to have:
Can anyone point me to the right direction for editing the code?

Thank you very much!!

Hey Penter,

Thanks for contacting us and for the kind words! Re. what you are looking to do with the menu, that would be a pretty significant rewrite of the code for the menu. I would recommend against that unless you have the time and are really good with custom coding. If you would like to give that a shot, I would recommend activating the child theme that comes with the Pro and doing the customization there.

Another option may be to go with a menu plugin such as mega menu or uber menu. I believe we have a few users doing that without issue in our theme. Hope that helps!


Thank you Billy!!