Modifying Posts with Beaver Builder

Hey there guys,

I am really liking the plugin so far.

I am working on doing visual editing of “posts” on this site:

Can I use beaver builder to make modifications on posts? I don’t see the option to open it from the “edit post” area in wordpress. Am I missing something?

I had assumed I would be able to do this, after reading this feature:

Supports Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types

Just because it’s called a page builder doesn’t mean you’re limited to WordPress pages.

Thanks in advance, and I hope this question isn’t overly stupid.

Hi @scottyg,
I think the reference to Posts refers to the fact that you can place posts on a BB designed page using either the Advanced Modules Posts or the WordPress Modules ‘Recent Posts’.
But that does not extend to the editing of the actual posts…
HTH, Dave

Hey Scotty and Dave,

You can actually enable the Page Builder on Posts by going to Settings > Page Builder and just under Post Types, check Posts or any other Custom Post Types you’d like BB enabled. Please refer to screenshot.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben, well there you go - you learn something every day :slight_smile:
Will certainly check that out…
Cheers, Dave

Hi Ben,

Thanks a ton for your response! This was exactly what I needed… a total game-changer for my website design.



Dave, I still appreciate your response, even more so when I found out that this option actually did exist because it made me that much happier!

Anytime, guys! Let us know if you need anything further. Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: