Module templates?

Hi Guys,

As the customisable page templates are very useful, I wondered if it’s possible to save Module templates? For example, currently I’m using BB to build a client’s site, and I need the same Call to Action on each page. Currently I have to set up this Call to Action every time I add a new page using the same settings, which is much less efficient than inserting a saved template version.

Is it possible to save module templates?


Hey Geoff,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of feature in BB. But it sounds like a good enough idea though you might want to add that as a feature request on our User Voice Forums! In the meantime, you can try using the template layout to achieve this. You can put your CTA module on a page, just the module, then place all the necessary settings and save it as a template. You can then append that template to any page you like. I haven’t really tried this but I don’t see why it won’t work.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben,

Looks like this was already suggested 3 months ago:

Do you have any ETA on this feature being released?


Hey Geoff,

Let me assign this to the other team members so they can answer that question for you.


Hey Geoff,

Yep, that is planned for this year! In terms of an ETA, we have nothing concrete to give you there unfortunately, but I would assume this summer would be a good gauge of timeframe. In the meantime, give Ben’s suggestion a shot and that should work for you for the most part. Thanks!


Thanks guys!