Modules Not Staying in Place & Constant Underline

Hi all,

On our website we have a constant underline on a few pages. There are no default texts that have underline selected for the customizations page, so I’m unsure of where it’s coming from. Additionally, it’s also not in the text editor (both General & Style tabs). This only occurs randomly on a few pages.

I’ve attached a link for an example.

Additionally, on this specific page, the headings & text modules won’t stay in place no matter where you move them to after publishing. They will either revert back to a previous layout, or they will organize themselves what appears to be randomly. The headings are not in the correct spots. This problem occurs rarely on some other pages, but this is the main page I have issues with.

How can I fix this?

You have used an old HTML4 U element in the header at the top and forgot to close it, so every other element after it is still in the U element and underlined.

Run the page though to see markup issues

Thank you, what about the modules not staying in place?