More Link not working in Posts?

Basis is WordPress - Genesis - Dynamik Website Builder - Beaver Builder. If I create a post with Beaver Builder the More link created in the text editor is not shwoing up in the frontend.

If I create a post in the WP editor it works as expected.

Any suggestions?


Hey Leo,

Interesting. It works as it should with both the BB theme and plugin, but I’m not sure as to why it wouldn’t be working in Genesis. Perhaps you could send a link to the site in question? I’m assuming you’ve already done some digging around, any errors that you see?


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Thanks Leo, I’ll take a look as soon as I can. This week is pretty shot, but I’ll try to fit some time in if I can asap.


Hi Leo,

Here’s the ‘deal’ :slight_smile:

Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives > Select one of the following = Display post content AND Limit contents to = set to a value greater than 0 > Save Settings … works as expected :slight_smile:

It works. Thank you, Lyle.

But it’s kind of weird. If I don’t touch those settings the more link works for regular posts written with the WP editor. But not for those written with the Page Builder.

Anyway, it’s a fine solution which helps me a lot.

Best regards, Leo

Yes, there is something with how BB handles this as I tried the same thing on the default 2015 theme and it behaves as you originally posted, that is, it doesn’t show the ‘Continue reading’.