Moving a button on my Home Page

I have a button on my home page that I would like to position below the car so it does not obscure the logo on the car door and for the life of me I cannot move it. When I am editing in BB it shows as below the car but when I publish it goes back to where it was.

What am I doing wrong?


Just the button or all the content meaning the header/sub-header as well? :slight_smile:

Just the button. I am just trying to move it lower so it does not obscure the logo on the car.

You could adding some margin top to either the column housing the Button module or add the margin top to the Button module itself.

Do you have a list of Beaver Builder experts I can look to hire to make this one tweak? I am not getting the results I need trying to do it on my own.

I apologize for the delay. You can find our BB experts on the link below.