Moving a Site with Beaver Builder Installed

Hi There,

Two things.

First of all, I tried posting this issue in the Template forum, but I was not granted access to create new topics there (I am logged in, but that particular forum page displays a "You must be logged in error message)

Next, I have recently attempted to push a site I was building locally to production and I wanted to know if there is a fast automated way to update the urls in the images I am implementing in my templates.



Hi Stephanie!

Were you trying to post in the Beaver Builder Theme forum? That’s odd! You could try clearing your cache, that may solve the issue. Sorry for the trouble =/ We recently setup a SSL certificate on our site, and it has caused some bizarre cookie/login session issues.

Regarding your question, are you running the latest version of Beaver Builder (1.3.2)? Also, are you using a serialized search and replace tool to update the URLs, like WP CLI or this tool? We store all of the image/link URLs in a serialized array, so if you’re using a serialized search and replace, it should update all of the URLs automatically!

Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help walk you through the process of using either tool!

Hi, i do the same process, and i usually have the issue on the online site… all images have thumb size, and y most cases not render, how cant i fix that in short steps.

Actually i must re-seize the image one by one… thats is really odd.

Hmm, that’s odd. Is the problem with images only happening on pages that you built with the page builder? Or, are ALL of the images affected? Can you possibly link me to a page where the images haven’t been resized back again? Thanks Edo!