Moving to new domain

Hello team,

I keep having this come up, and I must be missing a step along the way. Sometimes I use a dev server to show my client their site before I post it on their domain. I do everything I would normally do when I migrate a site, but later, when I take down the temp site, certain elements in the live site will disappear, like background images and some links.

What’s the process for migrating a site and swapping out the all the urls/paths?

Hi Amy,

It sounds like you might not be doing a search and replace on the database when moving to a new domain. Is that correct? If so, have a look at this post about migrating…

You could also try this plugin…

Let us know how it goes.


I did all those things, but I didn’t clear the BB cache. That was probably my problem.

Ah, yes, that needs to be flushed as well when you switch domains. Sorry I didn’t mention that!